Important essay topics

Important Essay Topics for CSS 2020

Essay writing is the most important paper of CSS exam. As an opening paper of the competitive exam, essay needs to be focused on priority.

How to write essay? A step by step video guide.

One who is good in essay writing, can secure good marks in all other subjects too.

Here are some important topics for Essay paper of CSS 2020. Covering these areas will help you in CSS essay exam. You can write well on one of the given topics in CSS essay paper if you prepare well the given topics.

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Essay topics

1. Populism
As there is a wave of populism through out the world whether it is Trump or Modi; Benjamin Netanyahu or Gotabaya Rajapaksa or even the politics of our country— populism is evident all around. This is an important topic for coming essay in coming CSS exam. Preparing it would definitely help a CSS candidate in many ways.

2. Climate change or environmental challanges

Climate change is a hot issue for all economies in the world. This topics should be prepared considering multidimensional effects of climate change on Pakistan particularly and generally all around the world.

3. Economic crisis

Pakistan is going through worst kind of economic crisis. Remedies to cope with economic challanges and ways of rooting out deepening crisis of food and all other commodities which is impacting country’s general populace need to be focused. One can incorporate all currently happening issues such as wheat crisis to support arguments in essay related to economic crisis. This topic is likely to be asked not only in Essay paper but also a potential question for papers of CSS CURRENT AFFAIRS and Pakistan Affairs.

Important topics of Current Affairs for CSS 2020

4. Good governance in Pakistan

For this purpose alingside other details, preparing 18th amendment will prove to be rewarding.

5. Women Empowerment and Feminism or Gender inequalities

6. Democracy

7. Education

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Practice Topics 

Some topics asked in recently conducted exam of FPSC

These topics will help you preparing dimensions of important topics and practicing them will be very useful for you in writing an essay in CSS exam.

Following are topics asked in FIA descriptive test.

  • Geography divides – social media unites
  • Rising Turmoil in the Muslim world
  • Technology’s Role in the Modern world
  • Pakistan’s economic woes – the way forward
  • Policies and practices to mitigate impacts of climate change in the country
  • Global Warming; A threat to South East Asia
  • History; Nothing but a biography of Great Men
  • Purification of Politics is not possible merely by accountability
  • Muslim World at the Crossroad.
  • Kartarpur corridor and its impact on interfaith harmony
  • State of governance in Pakistan
  • Islam and democracy
  • Human rights and minorities in Pakistan
  • Intolerance and role of education
  • Gender equality in Pakistan
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Challanges to democracy in Pakistan

Essays asked in recently conducted paper of Punjab Cooperatives and cooperative society’s test by PPSC

  • Women empowerment and cultural challanges
  • Environmental challanges and possible solutions
  • CPEC and the Enigma of National Development
  • Role of news channels in shaping public psychology
  • The role of Private Sector in the improvement of our economy

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