essay writing tips for candidates of competitive exams

Essay writing tips for CSS

Many candidates find it difficult to write an essay. Writing practice is the only key which can make you able acing out essay paper in the competitive exam. Start practice writing essay on daily basis. No matter if you write a paragraph or two; but you must write to say the least. Subsequently, it is better to write something than doing nothing.

To improve written expression, focus on all minor details (including punctuation marks) of any piece of writing you are reading —it could be a book, an article or newspaper. In essence, reading this way will help you greatly in improving your expression.
Use connectors to beautify and diversify your piece of writing.
Writing a good essay will no more be a tough task if you keep practicing. Here are simple steps of essay writing.

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Essay writing tips:

1. Carefully choose a topic

2. Brainstorm your topic

3. Research the topic (when you are practicing other than exams)

4. Develop a thesis statement

5. Make an Outline of your essay

6. Write your essay introduction in the very first place.

7. Use credible sources

8.Conclude your essay

9. Proofread your essay to eliminate mistakes

10.Get your essay checked by a tutor

For a detailed explanation of every step here are some video links.


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