History and Introduction to Financial Action Task Force (FATF) What are three options for Pakistan in FATF?

  • What is FATF?
  • History of FATF
  • Where Headquarters of FATF located?
  • What are FATF objectives?
  • Who is president of FATF?
  • How many countries are FATF members?

Click on the image below and know all about FATF.

History and objectives of FATF
FATF History, objectives and members. FATF key details.

Will USA help Pakistan coming out of the FATF gray list? (Watch video in Urdu)

A three days meeting of FATF starting on 21st January, 2020 in Beijing Pakistan’s 17 members delegation in participating. Where Pakistan focuses on defending its performance on terror financing and money laundering. This performance will be measured by FATF on 22 points plan given by FATF team to Pakistan.

FATF plenary meeting

FATF plenary meeting is expected to be held coming month in Paris.

For this meeting of Financial action task force (FATF) Pakistan has three possibilities:

  1. Removal from the grey list of FATF and placement on the FATF’s white list
  2. Remain in gray list of FATF for up to June or September 2020
  3. Placement in the blacklist of FATF—the worst case option.

FATF in Urdu watch video

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