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History of USA CSS

History of USA CSS: A Complete Preparation Guide

Things happening today are making tomorrow’s history of USA.

What is currently happening in United States of America?

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Subsequently, why you should choose History of United States of America as optional subject?

Books for History of USA

The subject of US History is a very popular subject among CSS aspirants. Basically, you will need a combination of two to three books to prepare US History. In addition, internet can also facilitate you for providing much of the information. Thus, below are name of some books you need for preparation of US History paper. FOLLOWING ARE THE BEST BOOKS FOR HISTORY OF USA CSS PREPARATION

  • USA History by Wikimedia or History of United States by Majumdar
  • US Foreign Policy by Jentleson
  • History of USA by Zinn
  • History of America by Shama Mahmood
  • A brief History of United States of America by Robert V. Remini

US History Books for CSS PDF Download

Syllabus of History of United States


How to prepare History of USA for CSS?

History of United States of America is little known to most of Pakistani students. it requires an extra effort to prepare US History paper for CSS. Firstly, one should have some background knowledge. So for this purpose, you can go for any internet source or the book by Wikimedia. This gives an overview of the subject of History of United States. Secondly, before starting formal preparation breakdown the syllabus of US History into following segments.

Syllabus breakdown for US History CSS preparation:

How to prepare US History CSS?

Divide the whole  US History CSS syllabus into four parts.


  • 1492-1783
  • 1783- Cold War
  • post Cold War era

Constitution of USA
Presidents of USA
Current Scenario

US History past Papers


Why you should choose US History?

As US History has a short syllabus in comparison to British, European, and Indo-Pak histories. So, it takes less time for preparation.


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