css exam related stress and tips to deal with it

These tips will help you to cope with CSS exam stress

One of the many challenges which candidates face when exams are nearing is exam stress. And when it comes to those who are dealing with CSS exam stress, the phenomena swell up manifolds. Besides, the exam stress during CSS preparation doesn’t come only because of studies. It is a struggle for the immediate career.

CSS exam stress can be related to many other factors such as mounting pressure for revisions, inability to cover the syllabus, struggle to save money, balancing work and study, and writing essays. Meanwhile, something which serves as an icing on the cake is the societal pressure when you are living in Pakistan and everyone around you knows that you are going to take the CSS exam.

How to deal with CSS exam stress?

Here we are sharing some tips for those who are going through the phases of CSS preparation and are struggling with CSS exam stress.

  1. Don’t be socially isolated

During CSS preparation don’t over-socialize and never become a victim of social isolation either. Talk to your family, spare some time to watch something for relaxation. You can spare some 15 minutes for a good friend to chat with. This may help in undermining the negative effects of social isolation.  Just have some “my time” and bring down your exam stress.

  1. Avoid toxic people

When we talk about not being socially insulated, that essentially doesn’t mean that you are encouraged to bear toxic people. No denying the fact that they will skyrocket your exam stress.  Remember, you should try to avoid negative people around you and those who try to bring your morale down.

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  1. Believe in yourself

Self-knowledge is the best knowledge. Be self-confident. Believe in your abilities. You have come this far and surely can do it. Don’t lose hope or think about skipping the chance due to CSS exam stress. One can never be cent percent prepared in any case. Don’t waste precious years of your life by standing still at some point. Move ahead and avail this chance. Moving water is better than a stagnant one.

  1. Get enough sleep and don’t skip meals

Many candidates burn the midnight oil during CSS preparation. They skip meals and don’t get proper sleep amid CSS exam stress. Make sure to get enough sleep for 6-8 hours and don’t skip meals. We all know the phrase very well that health is wealth. If you stay healthy, only in that case you will be able to showcase your peak performance. In the long journey of CSS preparation, inadequate sleep or decreased glucose levels could result in exhaustion and under-performance. Your mental health is equally important alongside your CSS preparation.

Make the most use of your day as well as daylight and sleep well at night for some 6-8 hours. The day is for work and night has been created to sleep. When you disturb a natural sleep cycle it disturbs your hormones and other body systems in turn. Don’t stay up too late. Sleep early and wake up early. Many successful people around the world are early risers. They wake around 4-5 am and sleep at 8-9 pm. Don’t you want to be successful?

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  1. Physical activity is a must

You are also advised to do exercise or walk to keep a balance. Life is all about balance. Balancing time, relationships, money, and your bodily (physical and spiritual) needs. Take deep breaths and stay hydrated. Physical activity such as a quick walk has been proven to increase memory and brain power which help you in relieving CSS exam stress-related symptoms.

  1. Play with your pet

Pets are stress relievers. With their cute innocent activities, one may find a sense of happiness. It has been seen that those people with hypertension when to have pets around show improvements in their blood pressure. Lately, in Japan, pets were allowed at workplaces to reduced stress. If you are a pet lover this can help you to beat CSS exam stress.

Bottom line

Not to experience too much exam stress as a CSS aspirant or a candidate for any other exam, you should prepare yourself in advance well before the last month. Have a positive outlook. Consider the exam as an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities. CSS is an exam of nerves. It is an unconventional exam. Don’t become overstressed. If you can think, you can do it for sure.

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