How to read newspaper for CSS

Tips about reading newspaper for CSS



If you are a new reader, read headlines from the newspaper, and choose any one of the news of your interest for full reading.

Reading editorials daily is essential. There are 3 editorials in Dawn news paper and some opinion articles as well. Read editorials and do not ignore those words which are new to you.

Among opinion articles choose those which are related to your optional subjects and current affairs. Reading them provides you with a broader view about the issues issues.

Make a register to note down vocabulary with meanings and try to remember at least five words daily. After reading whole article read difficult words again. You can also underline or highlight difficult words to have a look on them again after reading whole article.

Try using vocabulary in your own writing. Key to improve writing is practice, practice and practice.
You can re-write editorial as per your understanding to practice writing.

If you find some stats, or other knowledge useful for exams, note down in the notes of relevant subjects.

Do it all on daily basis. For a beginner it can take some time for reading, But stay consistent and make it a routine.
All you have to do is to keep doing without loosing hope, stay determined, passionate, and devoted.
Best of luck.

Watch this video to know all the answers of your problems related to English and newspaper reading.

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