important essay topics for css 2021

Important topics for essay CSS 2021

How about your exam preparation? How many revisions have you done to the date? Are you appearing this year? These are some of the common questions candidates of CSS exam are  asking each other nowadays. Apart from all the above-mentioned questions, the one about the anxiety of CSS essay paper 2021 is also one of the most frequently asked questions. The essay is the most crucial and deciding paper for the CSS exam. Unfortunately, every year majority of the candidates fail in qualifying this paper because they don’t pay due attention to the very subject.  They don’t practice, they don’t consider evaluation important. To ease off the pressure of the CSS exam, we are sharing some of the important topics for Essay CSS 2021 for aspirants.

Here is a list of important topics as well as sources to prepare these topics for essay CSS 2021.

Essay CSS 2021 important topics

Set 1:

These important topics for essay CSS 2021 are related to Covid 19.

  • Socioeconomic impacts of coronavirus
  • Online education system
  • Climate change and coronavirus
  • Democracy
  • Communism and Capitalism
  • Gender disparity
  • Post pandemic world and global economy (Unemployment and poverty)
  • Post-Covid world order
  • Impacts of Covid 19 on Globalization (Will globalization survive in the post-COVID era?)
  • COVID-19, Politics and International Relations: Hopes and Impediments

Sources to prepare topics with relevance to coronavirus

“A Review on Psychological and Socio-Economic Impacts of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) the Case of Under Developing Countries” is a worth reading research work that focuses on the history and situation of various pandemic diseases across the globe with special reference to developing countries. No denying the fact that we live in a developing country and as a CSP officer one has to deal with the issues of an underdeveloped economy. So, it is necessary to correlate the current situation of the pandemic with the socio-economic conditions of different other developing economies.

Additionaly, “Assessing the socio-economic impact of Covid-19 in Pakistan” by Rida Hameed is another important read to learn about the socio-economic challenges of Pakistan. Knowing all the details of the coronavirus situation in Pakistan is necessary to score in the CSS essay paper.

How Is the Coronavirus Pandemic Affecting Climate Change?” written by Matt Simon is a useful piece of writing which will help you to cover the impacts of covid 19 on the environment, trade, and globalization. Moreover, on conservation of biodiversity, you can read “Biodiversity conservation during a global crisis: Consequences and the way forward” written by Alok Bang and Suvarna Khadakkar.

To cover the topic of the impacts of covid 19 on world democracies and democratic systems, we recommend you to read publications by Yuval Noah Harari on COVID-19.

Many say that the pandemic shows failing capitalism and rising communism. Is it true or not is debatable. For a detailed discussion about these two systems, you can go through the following two pieces of writing

“Coronavirus and capitalism: How will the virus change the way the world works? By Willy Kurniawan”

“Covid capitalism is flirting with socialism by Puja Mehra”

Set 2:

We are living in a digital age and technology is advancing each day, getting more and more space in our lives. Owing to this, CSS essay paper contains at least one topic related to digital technology every year. So, here are some of of the important topics for CSS essay 2021 related to digital technology and its challenges:

  • 5 G and AI pros and cons
  • Social media and data protection

Sources for preparation of these topics are

“Governments And Artificial Intelligence, Policy And Investment by David A. Teich” and “Data Privacy in Social Media: Who Takes Responsibility and Data Protection as a Priority Feature by Aigerim Berzinya” are good online sources to cover the aforementioned topics.



Set 3:

Miscellaneous important topics for CSS essay 2021

  • Islamophobia
  • Populism
  • Middle East (Changing scenario after Israel UAE peace deal, changing relations of the Muslim world)
  • CPEC
  • Hybrid Governance
  • Pakistan Foreign Policy
  • Freedom of speech

Sources for preparation

“Asia’s populists are here to stay by James Crabtree” and “Why Populism Can Survive the Pandemic by ROSA BALFOUR” and “Wages of populism by Babar Sattar” are some writings on the topic of populism. Furthermore, to understandand analyze Israel’s growing alliance with the Muslim world, “Understanding Israel’s peace initiative in the Middle East by Siddra Khalid” is a recommended read.

Further details regarding important topics for CSS essay 2021 can be found in the Current Affairs Digest of Pakistan.


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