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With our online English classes and courses for CSS aspirants, you’ll soon improve your English reading and writing skills. Our teachers are highly qualified and will help you build your confidence as well as your English level.
Choose how you want to study.
Our expert advisers will help you personalise your learning pathway to make progress towards your goals, and you’ll also receive regular feedback from our teachers.

Courses we offer Online / Distance learning 

Precis writing Course

Duration: 8 weeks
Course details: A complete guide on precis writing, tips and techniques and daily precis exercise practice and evaluation. Translation, comprehension, idioms, pair of words, phrasal verbs, vocabulary, punctuation, direct indirect, active and passive voice are also included in the course.

Fee: Rs. 12000/-

Essay writing course 

Duration: 6 weeks
A complete series of lectures on essay writing including outline, thesis, introduction, body and conclusion of essay. Students will be given to write practice essays. A total of 15 essays will be evaluated.

Fee: Rs. 12000/-

Special features of our courses 

● Home assignments

● Periodical / Mock Testing during the course to judge the progress

Special services for evaluation only

We provide dedicated  services via highly qualified staff for professional evaluation.


For essay evaluation

  • Monthly charges: Rs.4000/-
  • Number of essays evaluated per month = 4

For precis evaluation

  • Monthly charges: Rs.4000/-
  • Number of precis evaluated per month 12

For more details WhatsApp (message only)

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