The World After 18 years of 9/11 and after Al-Baghdadi

After 18 years of 9/11 the death of ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi on October 26, 2019 could be termed as emergence of a new chapter. According to Time Magazine, government of Iraq captured one of Baghdadi’s wife, as American official says that without help of Syrian and Iraqi Kurds this could not had done. Trump’s Sudden announcement about leaving Kurd territory on October 6 disturbed the planning.

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After retreat of American Army from Iraq and Syria, those countries continued battle against ISIS and haunted Al-Baghdadi. The collaboration of Iraqi military, Syrian Kurds and U.S. made t possible to trace baghdadi’s compound near the border of Turkey. One of the Kurdr’s agent smuggled out some of the security details for DNA testing. This confirmed the presence of ISIS leader. Alongwth other important detais, the Kurd’s man also told about structure of a Baghdadi’s compound equipped with a tunnel. it was the same tunnel of his compound where he died after detonating his suicide jacket.

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Who was Al-baghdadi?

Born in Iraq, he was a ph.D. degree holder in Quranic studies. He was arrested by U.S. and kept in custody in 2004. He came t fore as a leader of armed group in 2010. All of his predecessors were killed by U.S. and Iraqi forces.

“It’s good to take out leaders, but it is not just a terrorist group–it’s a ideology as well,” says Aki Peritz.

ISIS’ insurgency could increase because they now have a lot of younger and more experienced leaders. Just like Al-Qaeda is today in comparison with the one which, when U.S. army came back from Iraq. The areas lost by ISIS in Syria and Iraq are nonetheless vulnerable unstable condition.

After almost two decades of 9/11 still this question lingers. When does War on terrorism is going to end?


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